Dahab …

… is a delightful little Bedouin village on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The uniquely enchanted atmosphere from the days when the first hippies made this region their favourite hangout has luckily survived into the 21st century.

Today Dahab offers a compact and colourful mix of quirky restaurants, hotels and camps to suit all budgets, bazaar streets with interesting little shops for browsing and numerous diving schools. Visitors from all corners of the globe are charmed by Dahab’s relaxed atmosphere, the great beauty of its surroundings and its magnificent sea life.

The village is populated by Bedouins, Egyptians and former tourists who were once only passing through themselves, but succumbed to the magic of Dahab…

Predominantly dry and hot desert climate with summer temperatures of up to 40°C. During the “cold” winter months of January and February, the thermometer might drop to below 15°C at night, but in the daytime is likely to climb to above 25°C again, with a deep blue sky to match.
Dahab is well worth a visit all year round. The very best months are probably the European spring season of March, April and May, the autumn season of September, October and November as well as Christmas/New Year.

  Jan. Feb. March April Mai June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Air 21 23 26 31 31 38 39 39 36 33 27 22
Sea 22 21 21 21 22 23 25 25 25 25 24 23

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Light cottons. Bring a jacket and sweater for evenings from Christmas to end February. Egypt is an Islamic but very open and tolerant country. It’s ok to wear short summer clothes, especially in seaside resorts such as Dahab. Bikinis should still only be worn on the beach – and please respect the locals by not going souvenir shopping in hot pants or similar!

The Beach

A magnificent coral reef extends directly from the shore. Talk about snorkelling on your doorstep!

You’ll find a wide sandy beach with gradual incline at the Laguna, about 4 km south of the village. A handful of 4-5 star hotels situated here offer non-guests the use of their beach and pool facilities for a small fee.


There are several banks in Dahab where you’ll be able to change travellers’ cheques and cash from all the major currencies into Egyptian Pounds (L.E.). The small shops in the village usually only accept cash.
Several cash points are available which function reliably, with occasional exceptions... To be sure you don’t run out, bring a Visa card or Mastercard and sufficient cash with you.
Safe deposit boxes for valuables are available free of charge to all guests of the HOTEL CHRISTINA. Please pay your bill in cash – all common currencies accepted.


Dahab is a real low-budget destination and probably the only Egyptian resort where you can still pay £0.30 Sterling for a bottle of coke. Compared to Hurghada, your flight ticket to Sharm-el-Sheikh might set you back a little more, but the extremely low cost of living more than makes up for that. Entire meals can cost you only a few pounds – a sumptuous buffet dinner at the CHRISTINA will add up to less than £7 Sterling …

See you soon in DAHAB!