The Sinai’s sun, beaches and underwater scenery are wonderfully relaxing - but this whole region is far too interesting to spend every day of your holidays near the hotel. We are delighted to be able to offer you a range of unforgettable day trips put together by Swiss-born Silvia Muggli from neighbouring Nuweiba exclusively for guests of CHRISTINA HOTELS. Silvia knows the desert like the back of her hand and is a close friend of Christina herself. The day trips are guided by Silvia’s husband Sabri, who has many long-standing friendships among the Bedouins.

The day trips are offered in groups of no more than six, and here’s an example to whet your appetite:

Day trip by jeep
Arada Canyon, lunch at Wadi Zigzag

We leave CHRISTINA Hotel in the early morning and follow the tarmac road towards St. Catherine’s. After picking up Sabri, our guide, on the way, we pull off the road and drive straight through the desert to the entrance of the beautiful Arada Canyon.
The one-hour walk through this fascinating canyon involves a certain amount of clambering (you’ll need sturdy footwear), is enormous fun and affords awe-inspiring, rapt moments in majestic scenery. There’s a good chance our Bedouin driver will have put the kettle on for refreshments by the time we get back to the jeep.

Next, we set off for the Wadi Zigzag. “Zigzag Valley” is no less impressive than Arada Canyon, and here we’ll also find shade for our lunch break. Feeling adventurous? Go for a little stroll, explore the desert and let its silence and peacefulness wreak their magic on you. Afternoon tea will be served by a hospitable Bedouin family in their tent. This glimpse into the Bedouin way of life will be another unforgettable highlight of your day.

Then we head back to the tarmac road by jeep, follow it to a striking rock and continue our day of exploring with a walk through Wadi Gibi. We have another break at the granite rock near the tomb of Sheikh Abdullah. In this meditative place, water can be found if it rained recently, as it doesn’t seep away here. At dusk, accompanied by the sunset, we drive through the remainder of Wadi Gibi and head back on the tarmac road to Dahab.

Departure: 8 am
Price per person: $45 in a group of four
Price per person: $39 in a group of five or six

Inclusive: 4X4 vehicle with driver, lunch, mineral water, tip, guide

Don’t forget to bring: passport, sunglasses, sunshade for your head, sun cream, knee-length or longer trousers, t-shirt – better: long-sleeved top for sun protection (no strappy tops, no belly-baring tops), trainers or trekking sandals, camera well wrapped against sand, day pack