Things to do


Spectacular coral reefs fringe almost the whole east coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The reefs in Dahab are particularly stunning. Coral gardens teeming with colourful fish only a few yards from the beach will amaze you and keep you absorbed for hours. Remember to protect your
feet with sandals or flippers when snorkelling.


Dahab has always been a divers’ paradise, and the development of tourism here is largely thanks to the diving enthusiasts who “discovered” it. Numerous diving schools ply their trade in the village.


The reliable breeze in this region not only eases the heat of the summer months but also attracts windsurfers from all over the world. Windsurfing takes place around the lighthouse, south of it, and around the so-called Laguna with its sandy beach, where windsurfing courses and tuition are also available.


Conditions for this new trend sport are excellent in Dahab. Experienced Kiters surf directly off the beach in the village, heading north all the way to the peaceful nature reserve of Ras Abu Galum. Basis Surf&Action offer kitesurfing courses in the Laguna.


Explore the truly spectacular surroundings on a number of day trips and safaris.

Camel and horse riding

Starting from your front door! Bedouins with camels will meet you at the hotel entrance, and while you relax and enjoy the scenery you’re being taken on a leisurely saunter along the sea front or through beautiful desert scenery. The so-called horse boys are also happy to meet you at the hotel. Alternatively, choose your favourite horse straight from the stables.
What can be more fun than riding through the desert in the early morning, or galloping towards the sunset in the Sinai?


There are a handful of pubs and a disco on the beach, but generally the done thing in Dahab is to lounge about for hours in the friendly atmosphere of a Bedouin café. Watch the moon rise above the mountains in Saudi Arabia while the hookah bubbles away and you sip your Egyptian mint tea. Alcoholic drinks are available at CHRISTINA and other mid-range establishments.

Just relax and nurture your soul – The Sinai offers ideal conditions for this pastime, too.
Spend hours browsing the bazaar and turn a bartering exercise into a social event, making new friends and consuming gallons of sugary tea in the process.
Simply enjoy the sun, sand and sea, the magic of the desert, the entrancing underwater scenes and Dahab’s open, friendly atmosphere far from the madding tourist crowds…